Mrs. Doubtfire 
© 1999 by Raymond Weschler
Major Characters Daniel Hillard.........................Robin Williams Aspiring actor who faces major depression after being forced to divorce his wife, Miranda. More than anything, he misses his kids. Mrs. Iphigenia Doubtfire...............Robin Williams Housekeeper hired by Miranda Hillard, who is in fact Daniel Hillard, her ex-husband dressed as a woman! Miranda Hillard........................Sally Field Daniel's wife, a high level designer, who demands a divorce because Daniel isn't responsible enough. Chris, Natalie & Lydia.................Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson & Lisa Jakub Daniel and Miranda's son and two daughters. Frank..................................Harvey Fierstein Daniel's gay brother who is an expert costume designer. Stu....................................Pierce Brosnan A businessman who had known Miranda before she married, who begins dating her after the divorce. Mrs. Selner.............................Anne Haney Social worker assigned to see if Daniel is responsible enough to help raise his kids. Plot Summary Daniel Hillard is an aspiring actor who is constantly under-employed. He is married to a top executive, Miranda, who wants a divorce after 14 years because she doesn't feel satisfied in the marriage. She also thinks Dan is not a responsible enough husband. In fact, Daniel is a very loving and wonderful father who absolutely adores his children, even if he isn't the best husband for Miranda. After the divorce, a judge awards custody of the children to Miranda. Daniel is only allowed to have time with his kids once a week, on Saturday, and thus he feels very deprived, and depressed. Desperate to spend more time with his kids, he decides to pretend that he is an old British woman who is an experienced housekeeper, after he learns Miranda will be hiring one. The plan works, and with the help of his brother, Daniel becomes the Hillard family housekeeper. Although Miranda and the children come to love Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel has an increasingly difficult time keeping his secret. Eventually, his two older kids, Chris and Natalie, discover who Mrs. Doubtfire really is, but they agree not to tell their mom or youngest sister. And Daniel must still maintain his identity for Miranda and Lydia as well as for Stu, Miranda's new romantic interest, Mrs. Sellner, the social worker, and Mr. Lundy, his potential new boss. For if he is exposed, he may lose forever the right to help raise his kids....
Words and Expressions that You may not Know Dan Hillard, lovable actor and master of voices, loses another job. But he does get to throw a party for his children... Call 911 A.S.A.P.
911 is the number you call for emergencies: ASAP is a commonly used abbreviation for "as soon as possible." Eat your heart out, Julia Child! An interesting way of saying you are happy with a particular situation or accomplishment. Julia Child is a famous chef. This is not the friggin Oprah Winfrey show. A much less crude way of saying "fucking." Oprah Winfrey is a very famous host of a daytime TV talk show. A voice-over. The voice that actors record that is used for a scene in a movie. Stick to the script! "Stay accurately to the written dialog." Where the hell are you going?! Noted here to point out that "the hell" is a very common addition to "Wh questions," which is used to express intensity or emotion. I'm not taking crap from you, pal. "Crap" is a crude word for nonsense (literally, "excrement"). "Pal" is a colloquial word for "friend," but used here sarcastically. In the words of Porky Pig, piss-off, Lou. Another way to say "Get lost" or perhaps "fuck you." (Porky Pig is a famous cartoon character who stutters). I quit for reasons of conscience. An awareness of moral issues in one’s own actions. ("If he killed her, he would have a guilty conscience.") Hey, dude. This is a very colloquial and overused word for "guy." "The Wild Kingdom." A famous TV show about animals. Shoo! What a person says to get animals to leave. A $500 a night B&B. A "bed and breakfast:" This is a private home operated as a small hotel. Animals of a barnyard nature. A home for animals like cows and horses. We’re responding to a noise violation. Official police language for the breaking of a local regulation or law, in this case concerning a party where too much noise was being made. Begonias. A type of flower. Miranda returns to discover a party she didn't want, and to demand a divorce she had wanted for years. You busted the birthday party!? If the police "bust" a party, they stop it. If someone has been "busted," they may have been arrested. The god damn San Diego Zoo. A common and crude filler words to express anger. Why do you always make me out to be the heavy? "Why do you always make it seem that I'm the bad guy?" You always set me up. "To set someone up" is a great phrasal verb which generally means to put them in a situation where they can easily be fooled or manipulated. In this case, "you always make me look bad." Family therapist. A psychologist or social worker who specializes in family issues. He is just on hiatus. A gap in time that will eventually end. Here, referring to a period of time when he is not working. He's in a little bit of denial. To be "in denial" has become a common expression meaning that a person has a psychological block, or simply can't accept the truth. Bitch! Not you, I was talking about the dog! A very crude term for a mean or unpleasant woman. (And, of course, the official term for a female dog). This is a trying time, but it's going to blow over. "Trying" is an adjective that means difficult. If something "blows over," it gradually fades way. Daniel discovers the world of divorce law: Miranda gets the kids, and Daniel gets weekend visits. Custody proceedings favor the mother. The legal hearing where a judge decides with which parent the children will live after a divorce. It is the court's ruling to award full custody to Mrs. Hillard. "The court" is a legal term for a judge (and even judges refer to themselves as this). "Custody" refers to possession, or the legal right to raise the children. You will have visitation rights every Saturday. The legal rights of a divorced parent to visit his or her kids. A continuance of these proceedings. A legal word for a reopening after a period of time. You have three create a suitable home. An interesting adjective meaning appropriate, or acceptable (In this case, for raising children). I will consider a joint custody arrangement. This refers to an agreement where both parents have equal rights to raise the kids. There's a little light at the end of the tunnel. A common expression meaning the situation will improve. An accident waiting to happen. A sarcastic expression meaning something is dangerous or unstable. Don't be messy. "Messy" is disorderly, or dirty. It can also mean difficult to solve. We're in the middle of Charlotte's Web. A famous book for children. That's the phamaldehide. A strong chemical used in household products. That's why granny is so well preserved. Another word for "grandmother" I'll miss you. :: Ditto. An interesting way of saying "Me, too." She's going to loosen up. A useful phrasal verb meaning to relax. Don't make me smack you. A funny little verb meaning to hit or slap. Do you consider yourself humorous? A less common but still important word for funny. The bottom line is that I need to be with my children A common expression meaning "the most important point." I'll be introducing them on the air. If someone is "on the air," they are being broadcast on TV or radio. Lots of luck, smart ass. A fairly crude insult meaning arrogant. While Daniel looks for work, a man with a "real job " rediscovers Miranda. He looked over your sketches. Another word for drawings. I've been following your career in the trades. Here, meaning "trade journals," which are the printed magazines that cover a specific profession. Fringed upholstered chairs, and heavy drapes. Materials and things that an interior decorator works with. I never held any grudges. An important word meaning resentment, usually for what someone has done to you in the past. I was flattered. If you are "flattered," you feel good about compliments that people have made about you. Detestable. A strong word for really bad, or deserving of contempt or hatred. How is the old battle ax? An insulting expression for a big, unpleasant person. Dysentery. An intestinal disease that causes diarrhea. A refugee motif. A "motif" is a dominant theme in design or literature. "DWF seeks DWM with BMW into light B&D." The language of personal ads: "Divorced white female seeks divorced white male with BMW who likes a little bondage." A BMW is an expensive German car. Bondage refers to the act of being tied up with ropes when engaging in sexual play. Kids say the darndest things! A cute word for odd, or strangely funny. Any other choice phrases you'd like to teach them? As an adjective, "choice" has become common for "the best", or "extremely good." Here, used sarcastically to mean inappropriate. Yikes! Another way to say "Wow!," or perhaps "Uh, oh!" Daniel discovers a way to see his kids more often when Miranda reveals her need for a housekeeper. The Smith family of Elborn England. The family Mrs. Doubtfire allegedly worked for. I took care of their four glorious children. This is a strong adjective meaning great, wonderful, or perhaps beautiful. I'm going on...when you should tell me about your lot. "To go on" about something is to continue talking about it. When one says "your lot," it usually means your fate in life, but here it refers to her kids. I hope its not too harsh. A good word for unpleasant, severe, or rough. Good nutrition or empty tummies. A child's word for "stomach." Lovely, dear. In England, a very common word meaning nice or pretty. Tata! A European way to say good-bye. It sounds a bit silly in America. However, "TTFN" is a ridiculously cool way to say "tata for now..." Use it with your confused friends, and watch them smile when you tell them what it means. He has a 5 o'clock shadow at 8am. This refers to the "peach fuzz" or hair that men grow on their faces before they shave. Make up. The noun refers to cosmetics like lip stick. Don't confuse this with the phrasal verb, which means to forgive one another after a fight. I'm not going to wax. "To wax" is a way of removing body hair, by putting wax on the body, and then pulling it off. A wig. Fake hair that you wear on the head. Matchmaker, catch me a catch. A matchmaker arranges meetings between potential romantic partners. A "good catch" is a person who would be a good partner. Shelly Winters and Shirley McClaine. Two well known American actresses Scotch tape and red hair dye. A chemical substance used to color things, including hair. Plaster. A substance used to coat walls. The most revolting thing I've ever seen. "Revolting" is a good and strong alternative word for disgusting. Mrs. Doubtfire from England arrives at the Hillard home. I was a little liberal with the aromatizer. In this context, to be "a little liberal" with something is to use too much of it. An "aromatizer" is a perhaps a type of device that sprays perfume, but the word is not used in American English. You remind me of Stuart Little. A famous mouse from a book of children's literature. This strapping young dad. A funny word for muscular or robust. You could play for the 49ers! A professional football team in San Francisco. I'm sure that's a pity. One way to say "that's too bad." Those who don't study miss out on other amusing activities. If you "miss out" on something, you miss the opportunity to enjoy it. I should step out of the room, before you verbally bash the father. "To bash" can mean to strongly criticize, or even physically hit. They're a spirited bunch. A useful adjective meaning to have lots of energy or courage. It reeks of taste. "To reek" is a powerful verb meaning to have a very bad smell. This is a funny line since this verb is normally used negatively, as in "it reeks of bad taste"). I know CPR and the Heinrich maneuver. Two techniques used in emergencies: "CPR" stands for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" and is used to get a person breathing again by blowing into their mouths: The "Heinrich maneuver" is a technique used to eject an object from the throat of a person who is choking. A perfectly appointed little cubby. Mrs. Doubtfire's way of saying "A very nice cupboard." The children are crazy about him! "To be crazy about" someone is a very common way to say that one adores or loves them very much. You don't have to be a psychic to see that. A "psychic" is a person who claims they can know the future Jesus! A common way to express pain, frustration or any other strong emotion. Used by everyone, and not just Christians. If I find the mysogynistic bastard who invented heels, I'll kill him! "A misogynist" is a person who hates woman. A "bastard" is a crude term for a mean or unpleasant man, while "heels" refers to "high heels," or the high platform on women's shoes. Mrs. Sellner the social worker, comes to check up on Daniel, but first meets his mysterious "sister." Is your ticker all right? Top notch! A "ticker" is a slang term for a heart. If something is "top notch," this means that it is of the best quality. Good, because I don't want to jump start you. A good phrasal verb meaning to start up something, usually with an engine or other machine by using an electrical stimulus. I'm a new man and a model father. A "model father" is the perfect example of a good father. I want to keep you abreast of changes in my career. A fairly common word for "up-to date." I'm blossoming. "To blossom" is to grow, like a flower does. A job that I can sink my teeth into. If you can "sink your teeth into" something, this means that you can get excited about it. This mask is part of my regimen. A "regimen" is strict set of rules, or another word for a diet. I'm melting like a snowcone in Phoenix. A "snowcone" is a flavored desert made of crushed ice. Phoenix is a city in Arizona, which is in the desert. Why wasn't I an only child? This is the correct term for a child who has no brothers or sisters. Song: "Papa's got a brand new bag..." Note that the song includes the lyric "aien't no drag." If a man is "dressed in drag," he is dressed like a woman! Mrs. Doubtfire gets to know the Hillard kids. Homework time is after Dick Van Dyke. A well known comic actor who had his own TV show in the 1960s. I know you're used to "Lucy Goosey." Refers here to Lucille Ball ("Lucy"), a very famous TV star who had several TV shows from the 1950s to the 1970s. I run a much tighter ship. One way to say "I am much more strict." Don't fuss with me. In the negative, "to fuss" with something is to worry about it, though it is probably not that important. Do I sense dissension in the ranks? "Dissension" is a difference of opinion, and "ranks" refers to common soldiers, or perhaps "the common people" in general. My first day as a woman...and I'm getting hot flashes. A medical term for the sensation women get during menopause, where they have sudden but brief feelings of intense heat. 20 bucks extra for rushing. "Bucks" are dollars, and "to rush" is to hurry. Look at this place, all spick and span. A silly expression meaning extremely clean. I want to apologize for being such a pain. A great way to say "a problem for other people." A related expression is, of course, "a pain in the ass." I'm still kind of messed up. If someone is "messed up," they have big problems. God broke the mold when he made me. "To break the mold" is to make something in a completely different way: "The mold" is a hollow form used to make shapes. SONG: "Dude...looks like a Lady" A "dude" is very colloquial word for a guy. "I am not a crook." Famous line said by Richard Nixon: A "crook" is a thief. Back off asshole! He broke my bag, the bastard! One way to say "Stay back from me." Both "asshole" and "bastard" are very crude insults. She's been raving about you. "To rave" about someone is to say wonderful things about them. Mrs. Doubtfire and Stu get to know each other... You're accent is muddled. So is your tan. "Muddled" is mixed together, in a confused fashion. A "tan" is the dark skin you get from laying out in the sun. A big for compensating for smaller genitals. "To compensate" is to counterbalance, or perhaps to make up for a weakness. "Genitals" are sexual organs. A big strapping lad like you! "Strapping" is an old-fashioned word for muscular and strong. Can't you see the lust in that man's eyes? "Lust" is a critical word meaning sexual desire. The only solution is lifelong celibacy. A sad word referring to the condition of not having sex. Excuse me dear. Call of nature. Mrs. Doubtfire's way of saying "I have to go to the bathroom." ...And Chris and Natalie discover dad's secret. I'm not what you think I am ::: No shit! A very useful, crude and sarcastic way of implying "That's obvious!" It's a pain in the padded ass. "A pain in the ass" is a common expression to mean a real problem. "Padded" is anything covered with soft material. Just a baby suit, no operation! Here, this refers to a sex change operation. It's cool. It's a guy thing. A colloquial way of saying "only guys would truly understand." If she finds out, I'll only see you through plate glass. Refers to the fact that prisoners usually can only see their visitors through a plate glass separation. Don't tell her, or she'll blow my cover. "To blow the cover" of someone is to expose their true identity. The dinosaurs are all extinct. If a spices of animal is "extinct," there are no longer any of them alive. You can't subject kids to this show. As a verb, "to subject" someone to something means to force them to experience it. This usually has a very negative connotation (Note: When pronouncing it as a verb, the second syllable is stressed). You should have a disclaimer saying not to operate heavy equipment while watching this show. A "disclaimer" is a legal warning. This is a clever way of saying that "this show is so boring, kids will fall asleep, just as if they were taking a sleeping pill." He makes Mick Jagger look like Mr. Rogers. A very famous and soft-spoken host of a TV show for young children. (Mick Jagger is, of course, the singer for the Rolling Stones rock group). What kind of idiot kept this guy on the air? Someone who is "on the air" is broadcasting over TV or radio. Start from scratch. A common way to say "start again from the beginning." Get your ass to the truck! This is a crude way of telling someone to go toward that truck! Don't you wish you could freeze-frame a single day? This refers to a single frame in a movie, which you could then watch over and over. Mrs. Doubtfire and Miranda discuss their pasts. The bad things fade away and the good ones adhere to memory. "To fade away" is to leave or diminish slowly. "To adhere" to something is to stick to it. Oh Winston, God rest his soul. A religious expression asking God to treat a person well after they die. When did he pass on? "To pass on" is a gentle way to say die (In the US, to "pass away" is more common). He was hit by a Guinness truck. This is a brand name of beer, popular in Europe. A flawed husband is better than no husband at all A good adjective for a person who has minor problems or imperfections in their personality. Sounds like a stud, dear. A great slang word for a masculine, virile man. Probably a Casanova to women. A famous character in literature known as a great lover. His idea of foreplay is saying "brace yourself." A great line. "Foreplay" is the sexual activity before intercourse. "Brace yourself" is what you would say to someone about to be hit (either physically or emotionally). Spontaneity. A key word referring to the act of doing something suddenly, without reflection. Stu invites the Hillards for a little swim. Isn't this posh? You need a credit reference to get in the pool! "Posh" means fancy and expensive. A "credit reference" is a statement which is used to verify that a person has no unpaid or bad debts. There's not a single body here that exists in nature. A funny way of saying "these (people's) bodies are artificial." That's called lipo-suction. A medical procedure used to remove excess fat from people. Not everyone has their own personal trainer. This is a person who helps you exercise in order to get in good shape. Go for a dip? A "dip" is one way to say a brief swim. No, there's enough flesh for you to feast on. "To feast on" something is to eat it with great pleasure. They outlawed whaling. This refers to hunting for whales, in order to use their oil. I'll just sit here and crisp... A funny little verb meaning to get hot and burn (in the sun). Usually, you would say "to turn to a crisp." ...And watch you move in on my family. "To move in on" something is an interesting complex phrasal verb which in this context means "to infiltrate and take control of." Fanbloodytastic. The added syllable is used to show how often the British use "bloody" as an adverb (as in "it's bloody fantastic"). It's on me. In a restaurant context, this means "I'll pay for it." I'm pushing 40. A colloquial way of saying "I'm almost 40." She's got a lot of baggage and three kids. In this context, "baggage" refers to the psychological and practical issues from a person's past that they still must learn to deal with. They need a stable father figure. A person who can play the role of a good father. A "run-by fruiting." A very clever play on words: "A drive-by shooting" is when someone shoots at a person while driving by in a car, which in the 1980s, actually became common in cities like Los Angeles. Cook, bake, sew. An Amish home study course! The Amish are a religious group, mostly in Pennsylvania, famous for the fact they don't use modern conveniences. They're both too brazen. They cry harlot. "Brazen" is loud and too obvious. A "harlot" is an old fashioned word for a prostitute, and thus this is Mrs. Doubtfire's way of saying the clothes shes's talking about are too sexy. They both say streetwalker. A "streetwalker" is another word for prostitute. Too short. I hope you waxed. "Wax" is the material that candles are made of, but the verb "to wax" refers to the process by which some women remove body hair. Daniel and Mrs. Doubtfire find themselves wanted at the same place, at the same time... Bridges Restaurant. The name of the restaurant where the Hillards will go. Mr. Lundy is completely booked for the next two weeks. If a person is "booked," they are very busy and have no free time. I'd be blowing a huge opportunity "To blow" something is a great colloquial verb meaning to do something very badly, or to not take full advantage of it. A common piece of advice is simply "Don't blow it!" To randomly ingest a little nicotine. "To randomly ingest" something is to absorb or swallow it, without really trying to do so. "Nicotine" is the harmful drug used in cigarettes. Bless you for putting us in harms way. A very serious way to say "danger" (And thus this sentence is obviously said very sarcastically). Thank you for humoring an old lady. "To humor" someone is to try and make them feel better. He's pissed already. A common and slang way to say angry (as is "pissed off"). I thought I saw Clint Eastwood. He's such a stud muffin. A funny term for a very cute but masculine man. A "stud" is a muscular man, and a muffin is a type of popular pastry. A good stiff Chardonay. When used with alcohol such as vodka, "stiff" means strong (Chardonay is a type of wine). You could either wear that, or feed a small country. A funny comment on expensive fur clothing, wealth and priorities. You want more than a piece of her heart. An interesting play on words that implies sexual desire. Is that just a down payment? The money paid to secure the purchase of a house. Little Jack Horny/Rumpel Foreskin/Cunninglinguisitcs. Nonsense words that Mrs. Doubtfire mumbles, all with various sexual connotations. The first two are distortions of characters in children's literature: Jack Horner, and Rumpel Stillskin. "Horny" is a very useful adjective which describes a person who wants sex. "Foreskin" is the skin on the end of a penis. "Cunnilingus" is oral sex on a woman. She's got a power tool in the bedroom. She can break sidewalks. "Power tool" is a ridiculous reference to a vibrator. Do you have cocktail sauce? She's got crabs, and I don't mean Dungeness. Another clever play on words: "Crabs" are sea shells, and Dungeness Crabs are a deliciously famous brand of crabs. But "crabs" are also "crab lice," or minute insects that are transmitted sexually. I'm being blunt as a spoon, aren't I? To be "blunt" is to be extremely honest, or lacking tact or diplomacy. However, nobody except Mrs. Doubtfire would say "blunt as a spoon." Double scotch on the rocks. Drinks that are "on the rocks" are served with ice (as opposed to "straight," which is without ice). What can you do with the ratings of the kids show? "Ratings" are the official numbers used to identify the popularity of a TV show. Don't patronize the kids. If they enjoy it, they'll watch it. "To patronize" someone is to treat them in a condescending manner, as if they were dumb. Nothing spicy, since I'm allergic to pepper. In reference to food, "spicy" is hot (food that makes you sweat!) She couldn't keep her hands off me. A somewhat common expression implying sexual desire. Hot Jambalaya! A type of spicy sea food stew, popular in New Orleans. After all those scotches, I had to piss like a race horse. "To piss" is a common but crude way to say urinate (It's safer to say "I have to use the bathroom"). "Bon appetite" A common French expression used in English: "Enjoy your meal" I'm a hip old granny, and I hip hop! "Hip" is a young person's word for good (or more commonly, "cool"). "Granny" is slang for "grandmother" & "Hip hop" is a type of very popular dance music. Daniel does the right thing, but pays a big price for doing so. Oh no, I killed the bastard. A common and crude word for an immoral or mean man. You are entitled to make a closing statement. In a legal context, this is a last declaration, often before a judge. I plead insanity, because once I held them, I was hooked. "To plead insanity" is to claim you are innocent because you were insane when you committed the crime you're accused of. "Hooked," in this case, means very emotionally attached. You fooled a lot of people. "To fool" someone is to trick, or manipulate them. Your speech was heartfelt. A pretty word which means from the heart, or said with much emotion. Your life style is very unorthodox, for three innocent children. A very good way to say inappropriate, or at least not traditional. I award full custody to Mrs. Hillard. This is the legal term referring to the right of a divorced parent to raise the children. I don't do windows, reading, diapers. "Diapers" are the underwear that babies use. They're already potty-trained. If a child is "potty-trained," it can use the toilet without parental help. The house was warm and cozy. A great word for warm and comfortable, usually referring to the inside of a building or room when it is cold outside. Endangered spices. Animals or other living beings whose existence is threatened because there are so few of them left. Next, its the chimps. Short, for "chimpanzees." Puppets. A small toy representing a human or animal, often controlled by a string. Here, used to refer to little children. It's an island and a glorious one with a royal family and a full house. A sweet way to describe England. Pakistani? We'll get into that tomorrow. "To get into" something is a good phrasal verb meaning here to talk about it. (In other contexts, if you "get into something," it could mean that you've become very interested in it). You wicked monkey. "Wicked" is an alternative word for evil, but it’s used here sarcastically. Cut! That's a rap! What directors say after finishing the filming of a scene. You're a smash! Number 1 in your time slot! Here, meaning a huge success (The #1 rated show at that time). Other cities want to syndicate. "To syndicate" a show is to use it on many different local stations. Miranda reconsiders what is best for her children. You got to see the dress-rehearsal. This is the practice that actors do before the real show. I want to get over the fights. "To get over" something is either to stop it, or to recover from it. We'll get through this. In this context, "to get through" something means to survive it, but it can mean simply to finish something that takes a lot of work. I can see them with supervision, like I'm a deviate. "A deviate" is a sexual pervert, or a dangerous person. A despicable sentence. "Despicable" is a very powerful word meaning "hateful, or worthy of complete contempt." In this case, a "sentence" refers to the official order of a judge, which here, denies Daniel the right to see his kids without somebody else being present. You ripped my heart out. A dramatic way of saying that "you broke my heart." No more "who did what to whom?" A way of saying "we should no longer argue over who is at fault." A make-up artist. A person who puts cosmetics, clothes and masks on performers. No more supervised visits. These are meetings where an outside person watches over everyone. They get by when they don't live together, and sometimes they get back together. Mrs. Doubtfire's answer to what happens to divorced parents. "To get by" is a common way of saying to do OK, or to survive. Some children live with foster parents. Temporary parents chosen to take care of kids before they are adopted or returned to their real parents. If there's love, those are the ties that bind. A sweet expression for the things that hold people together ("To bind" is literally to tie or secure, with a rope or cord).
Mrs. Doubtfire Some Possible Questions for ESL Class Discussion
1. If you were the judge, who would you have given custody of the Hillard kids to originally? What about after finding that Daniel had dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire in order to see the kids? 2. All things being equal, should women get custody of the children when there is a divorce? How does it work in your country? 3. In your opinion, was Daniel a good father? Was Miranda a good mother? 4. What did you like, or not like, about this movie?