How to View and Print Out These Guides

The BEST way to view and print out these movie synopses is by choosing the PDF version for each film. You can do that if you already have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don’t already have it, don’t be scared!! You can easily download it for free in just a few minutes, by going to Adobe’s web site here.

Note: If formatting is damaged on a printout of the PDF, or if the text does not load directly onto your screen without downloading onto your harddrive first, you can probably solve these problems by reinstalling the latest version of Acrobat Reader, making sure that all the Reader plug-ins are included.

While we recommend viewing and printing out on PDF, we have also supplied a Microsoft Word version that you should be able to use, so long as you have a version of Microsoft Word on your computer harddrive.

Finally, if you do not have Microsoft Word and have not yet downloaded Acrobat Reader, you can select the HTML version for any of the guides by clicking on the HTML tag or the image of the film itself. Virtually every computer will give you access to this, but do note that your browser may distort the formatting of the pages. We have found that Netscape Navigator works well with all computers, though Internet Explorer (currently used by AOL), may damage the formatting, especially when used on Macintosh computers. Regardless, HTML will split up text arbitrarily when printed out, and does not allow for page numbers. So if possible, get the PDF version by installing the Acrobat Reader!

A Word on Buying These Movies: If you choose to purchase any of the movies listed below, you will usually be linked to a commercial site that is selling the DVD version of the film. If you prefer VHS, you can click on the VHS link that is given in the "Other Formats" line of the web page.

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